About Sheryl

Photo by Julia Lehman-McTigue of www.vision13.com.

Who am I?  Instead of answering that question, wouldn’t you rather know what I can share with you?

Ask me how my senior dog cleared terminal cancer in May of 2013 and, as of January 2015, is still going strong at age 16….without surgery, without chemo, and without radiation.

Ask me how my mother could be a whiz at word games, could feed herself and walk with a walker, always knew who I was, and enjoyed quality of life….until five days before her death.  She was 91 years old and died of end stage dementia.

Ask me how I applied everything I’d learned about not being loved and supported during a quick series of shocks and losses during 2011 to continue to heal from a disabling stroke I experienced in March of 2012.

How is this possible?

Along with health care, I consciously applied the healing power of love to help my dog, to help my mother, and to help myself.

I call what I have learned love technology.  So far, I’ve found it works for people, pets and plants.

I’m here for you.  Just fill out the contact form.  Let’s go!