Cod Up In The Moment by Sheryl Lynn

Photo by Service1stGraphics

Photo by Service1stGraphics

Instead of spending birthday money on a useful new parka or some other piece of useful apparel, I decided to put the same money into buying something that would make my dog Laila ecstatic. Her continuing presence in my life at age 16, 21 months after a diagnosis of terminal cancer and 20 months after the tumor disappeared, is a co-creative miracle, and nothing makes me happier than waking up each morning and seeing her beautiful smiling face.

I’ll be sharing in 2015 how a worldwide community united to help create this outcome; I’m in the process of building a new website devoted to sharing with others how to do what we all did together.  Stay tuned…..

My money bought her 70 to 90 dehydrated and rolled cod skins. Yes, they reek. Thanks for asking.

Thanking all of you who prayed for her and sent us love, and wishing all of you a blessed, happy and healthy 2015….

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